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Defend the Right of Christians to Adopt

Imagine losing your spouse and having to care for your beautiful family by yourself.

Now imagine feeling a conviction to adopt and care for other children—to love those who don’t even have one parent.

And now imagine that your state is excluding you from adoption because you won’t contradict your Christian beliefs—you won’t use a child’s preferred pronouns, take children to LGBT-affirming events like Pride parades, and facilitate a child’s access to dangerous procedures like sterilizing puberty blockers.

This is exactly the situation Jessica Bates faces in Oregon.

Oregon officials are preventing Jessica from adopting a child because of her Christian beliefs — despite the fact that they otherwise accommodate people of different religious and cultural backgrounds and try to pair children with families who are well suited to each other.

It’s a blatant act of religious discrimination, and it must end.

Last year, the Department reported having nearly 8,000 children touch Oregon’s foster care system. Many of these children are waiting for their forever homes.

We’re taking on Jessica’s case to ensure that Oregon accepts Jessica and people of faith to adopt — opening the door for more placements into forever homes.

As a non-profit, this case is only possible because of support from people like you. Will you consider a gift of any size today to help defend religious liberty and protect the “least of these”?

Give today and your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $2.5 million—that means when you give $50, we’ll receive $100!

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