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What happens on campus does not stay on campus.

After years of being taught that any speech they don’t like is “hateful” and must be silenced, a generation of college students has now graduated. Many are working to restrict your right to freedom of speech. And some have even moved into positions of power and influence, spreading their values of intimidation and censorship far beyond the walls of our nation’s universities.

Cancel culture now rears its ugly head in the halls of government, large corporations, news media, and more. Say or believe the wrong thing, and you risk being canceled.

But there is hope.

We can defend free speech and protect the legacy of freedom here in America for our children and grandchildren.

Today, you can say enough is enough. You can stand against those who would abuse their authority to silence ideas and beliefs they don’t like. You can ensure that freedom always has a strong legal defense.

And when you do, your tax-deductible gift will further the impact of the $500,000 challenge grant.

Thank you for giving generously.

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