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Supreme Court
$1 Million Challenge Grant

Stand for religious freedom

Act now to protect religious freedom.

Each year, ADF receives an average of 3,000 requests for legal help.

Many of these calls come from people of faith who are being punished for living out their beliefs according to their conscience. They are small-business owners, church members, and students—everyday people like you who simply want to honor God with their life and work.

But in 2020, the number of requests for help skyrocketed to over 5,000.

Government officials—including those in the Biden administration—are getting bolder. The Far Left is getting bolder. And they’re trying to create a radically different America.

Take A Stand

Your gift will combine with the $500,000 challenge grant to help hit the $1.6 million goal and defend your religious freedom.

Their agenda threatens religious freedom and free speech for all. It embraces abortion and devalues human life. And it seeks to redefine reality—including who’s a man and who’s a woman.

This far-left ideology turns things upside down. It makes the God-given rights of Americans like you subordinate to the views of a powerful few.

  • They say you’re free to pray. But they arrest you for praying outside of an abortion facility.
  • They say you’re free to go to church. But they try to control what your church teaches, where—and as we saw during the COVID-19 pandemic, even if—you can worship, and how your church exercises its religious freedom.
  • They say you’re free to care for the sick and vulnerable. But they force churches and pro-life organizations to pay for abortion in their health insurance plans.
  • They say you are free to believe what you want. But they threaten small-business owners with fines and jail time for running their businesses consistently with their faith.
  • They say they’re advocates for women. But they support forcing abused women to sleep next to males in women’s homeless shelters—all because they’re committed to a radical gender identity ideology.

This must stop.

Your God-given right to live out your faith is protected by the First Amendment. The government should never have the power to force you to say or do something you believe to be morally wrong.

If America is going to remain a free society, we must remember God. We must reject this far-left ideology that seeks to divide and silence people. And we must act now to protect religious freedom.

ADF is committed to defending individuals, churches, and other organizations that are willing to take a stand for freedom—all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary. And because ADF doesn’t charge clients for the legal defense we provide, their fight isn’t possible without you.

This work is wholly dependent on God’s provision (John 15:5) and your prayers and financial gifts.

And with our fiscal year ending on June 30, your tax-deductible gift today is critical. We’re relying on the blessings of God and generous friends like you to reach our $1.6 million fiscal year-end goal.

Winning nearly


of all cases.

Playing a role in


victories at the United States Supreme Court.

Advocating in


of international legal matters
affecting religious freedom.

Rise to the challenge to defend religious freedom!

With new threats to your freedoms emerging almost every day, we must be prepared.

Thankfully, generous Ministry Friends who realize how critical this need is have provided a $500,000 challenge grant. They hope to inspire you to give to further the impact for freedom and help hit the $1.6 million goal. Please don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

If you feel strongly that America must remain a nation that protects and celebrates religious freedom, please take your stand today and further the impact of the $500,000 challenge grant!

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