A.H. v. French

Parents, Diocese of Burlington sue Vermont for religious discrimination in education (9/24/2021)


K-12 Key Issues



All Many Christian Students Want for Christmas This Year is Their Freedom

If you’ve followed the work of Alliance Defending Freedom for long, you won’t be surprised to learn that, at Christmas time as throughout the year, Christian college students across the country – including your children and grandchildren – have to contend with administrators (paid by your tax dollars) who leave “no room in the inn” for faith and free expression. (4/19/2020)


Defend Free Speech on Campus - Donate

Public universities are bound by the First Amendment. University officials cannot punish students for their faith, silence their speech, or censor their points of view. (9/16/2021)


Blackstone Legal Fellowship

The Blackstone Legal Fellowship trains future Christian attorneys to defend constitutional freedoms. (9/16/2021)


Heathens Greetings: What the Supposedly Nonexistent "War on Christmas" Really Is and Is Not

Is there a concerted effort by secularists to eradicate open acknowledgements of Christmas from the public square as they remove creches, censor Christmas Carols and forbid store employees and government workers from uttering the forbidden words, "Merry Christmas?" (5/1/2021)


Nick Lachey Hates Diversity (And So Does NBC)

Discriminatory Student Organizations Compete for $100k on NBC! (5/3/2021)


University of Minnesota Expands “War on Christmas” to Include “War on Hanukkah”

Here is hard evidence of government officials urging people to suppress their celebration of Christmas, while additionally expanding this to be a “war on Hanukkah.” (7/29/2021)