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December 21, 2010
ADF sues city of Mission for implementing new driveway tax
December 16, 2010
European Court of Human Rights judgment in Irish case reaffirms that European Convention on Human Rights contains no ‘right’ to abortion
December 14, 2010
ADF attorneys file motion to intervene in lawsuit that would eliminate N.Y. nurse’s ability to defend herself
December 8, 2010
State agrees to end six-year roadblock of pro-adoption group’s specialty pro-adoption plates
November 10, 2010
State says church should owe no taxes, La Paz County levies bill anyway
November 4, 2010
ADF attorneys sue Palm Beach State College over unconstitutional policies, which even require permit for off-campus events on evenings, weekends
October 19, 2010
Court upholds district court judgment that denied troopers’ request to be immune from lawsuit
October 12, 2010
Voters denied their right to vote in violation of DC Charter
October 8, 2010
Court strikes down law that prohibits messages which refer to ‘religion’ or ‘deity’
October 6, 2010
Jennifer Keeton, all her attorneys condemn KKK efforts to gain publicity at her expense