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October 6, 2010
Jennifer Keeton, all her attorneys condemn KKK efforts to gain publicity at her expense
October 1, 2010
Full court asked to reinstate injunction against problematic Los Angeles Community College speech code
July 27, 2010
University banished graduate counseling student for not affirming homosexual behavior
July 22, 2010
ADF attorneys file suit after university officials require counseling student to abandon her beliefs to get a degree
July 2, 2010
First Amendment protected rights of UNC-Wilmington professor championed by AAUP, FIRE after ADF files first brief in appeal
June 23, 2010
Eastern Michigan University ousted student from counseling program for not affirming homosexual behavior; ADF attorney available to media after hearing
April 12, 2010
ADF attorneys file notice of appeal in lawsuit against UNC-Wilmington
March 17, 2010
ADF attorneys considering appeal of decision in lawsuit against UNC-Wilmington
March 2, 2010
L.A. Community College District seeks to continue its unconstitutional speech code