Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

Christian cake artist sued for declining to use his artistic talents to design a custom cake celebrating a same-sex wedding (5/29/2020)


Supreme Court Wrap Up: How Did Religious Liberty Do This Term?

People of faith have much to celebrate and many reasons for hope. (7/30/2020)


Cases to Watch as the Supreme Court Enters the Second Half of Its 2020-2021 Term

The Supreme Court enters the second half of its term January 11 with many important cases yet to be decided and more waiting to see whether the justices will accept them for review. (1/6/2021)





How You Can Pray as ADF Defends Donor Privacy at the Supreme Court

As oral arguments approach, we ask that you please join with us and pray over the Thomas More Law Center case in the following ways. (4/20/2021)


How a Dangerous, Unnecessary, Uncalled-for Mandate in California Affects You

On April 26, the Supreme Court will hear the Thomas More Law Center case. And if you’ve ever donated to a nonprofit organization, you should be paying attention to it. (3/25/2021)


Why Everyone—Even Planned Parenthood—Should Be on the Same Side in This Supreme Court Case

California promised to keep this information confidential. But that’s not what happened. (2/11/2021)

Press Release

40+ briefs at US Supreme Court back freedom to support charities without harassment

Wide array of groups file friend-of-the-court briefs opposing govt coercion of nonprofits to disclose donors (3/2/2021)

Press Release

ADF to US Supreme Court: Americans should be free to support causes without harassment

ADF attorneys file opening brief in pivotal case concerning govt coercion of nonprofits to disclose donors (2/22/2021)


A Government Agency Has Found This Pro-Abortion Law Violates Federal Conscience Protections

In 2015, Heidi Matzke heard California legislatures discussing the FACT Act. What she heard disturbed her. (5/1/2021)

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US Supreme Court to decide whether govt can force nonprofits to disclose donors

California spawned case by demanding confidential information, promising not to release it, then making it public (1/11/2021)


5 Reasons 2018 was a Banner Year for ADF

It’s amazing how far God has brought Alliance Defending Freedom during our first 25 years. Let’s take a look back on 2018. (4/29/2021)