Teresa Haney

Teresa Haney is a Legal Secretary for the Center for Life at Alliance Defending Freedom. (4/19/2020)


Attorney General William Barr Highlights Importance of Religious Freedom

A society without religious freedom is not progress, it is regress. (4/20/2020)


The Abortion Industry’s Troubling Response to Coronavirus

There are a few problems with abortion advocates’ claims that abortion is “essential” and should get special treatment. (4/29/2020)


The COVID-19 Response Affirms the Dignity of the Sick and Elderly, Contradicting These State Laws

As these eight states and D.C. rush to protect the vulnerable populations that the coronavirus hits hardest their laws simultaneously target these populations. (4/29/2020)


3 Nuns Started This Hospital 180 Years Ago—Now It’s Being Sued for Following Its Mission

If "Sex" is redefined, it would have consequences for religious healthcare providers. (4/20/2020)


These 3 Horrifying Stories Show Why the Supreme Court Should Protect Women

Women deserve better than substandard care from medically incompetent abortionists. (4/20/2020)


What Should Parents Do If Their Child Has Gender Dysphoria? These Experts Answer.

A custody battle in Dallas, Texas has sparked a national debate about how best to treat children who are said to have gender dysphoria. (4/20/2020)


Virginia Lowers Women’s Standard of Care with New Abortion Bill

Virginia’s bill intentionally leaves women in the dark. (4/20/2020)


Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report and Lawsuits Reveal Who It Really Is

While Planned Parenthood may claim to protect the rights of “all” people, its actions in the past year say otherwise. (4/20/2020)