Dozier v. Houle

Yuba College restricts student speech to two hours a week in a small speech zone. (5/29/2020)

Client Story

Ryan Dozier

Ryan Dozier emerged from his Wednesday morning class at Yuba College in central California just in time to hoist an evangelical sign and hand out some tracts to the lunchtime crowd walking across campus. (4/19/2020)


University Officials Were Trying to Exclude Religious “Dogma” Long before Senator Feinstein

Discrimination against religious speech has been unfortunately common on college campuses. Just ask this student. (8/3/2020)

Press Release

Yuba College: ‘Free speech’ tolerated two hours per week

ADF attorneys file suit after student threatened with arrest, expulsion for sharing Gospel message on campus (4/19/2020)

Press Release

Calif. court: Christian student free to speak as case proceeds

Calif. college student represented by ADF attorneys was threatened with arrest, expulsion for sharing faith on campus (4/19/2020)

Press Release

Yuba College settles, ends two-hour per week ‘free speech’ policy

ADF attorneys represent student threatened with arrest, expulsionfor sharing faith (4/19/2020)


The Free Speech "Porch" at Tarrant County College vs. the US Constitution

An attorney affiliated with FIRE filed a lawsuit on behalf of the two students at Tarrant County College challenging onerous speech restrictions on campus. (4/19/2020)


The Giver: We’re Not As Far Off As You Might Think

Big Government? We should be more afraid of Big Conscience. In The Giver, the government controls more than just action, but belief and morality – this is Big Conscience. (4/19/2020)