Nathan Cherry

Nathan Cherry graduated from Liberty University with an associates degree in Biblical Studies, and earned his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Trinity Theological Seminary. (4/19/2020)


Wanted: Bold Pastors to Preach Without Fear

I just spent several days with Pastor Jim Garlow of the Skyline Wesleyan Church at a conference we both attended in Naples, Florida. It takes mere minutes to figure out that Pastor Garlow is a passionate preacher of God’s Word, boldly sharing the message of Jesus with anyone that will listen. (4/19/2020)


Are Marriage and Life Central to the Gospel?

To deny that marriage and the sanctity of life are biblical moral issues rooted in the Gospel is a denial of the clear teaching of Scripture. (4/19/2020)


Are Pastors Finally Waking Up and Ready to Address Biblical Moral Issues?

The issues of life and marriage are not merely cultural, social, or political issues. They are biblical moral issues. Unfortunately, marriage and the sanctity of life have been so politicized that many pastors have failed in their duties to preach and teach in light of the Gospel. (4/19/2020)


A Roadmap for Pastors: Three Steps to Defend Biblical Truths

There are no short-cuts. Our nation’s spiritual leaders must rise to the occasion so that others may follow to preserve religious liberty, life, and marriage and family. (4/19/2020)


Pastors…Rise Up

It’s a troubling time in our nation indeed. The right to act on what we believe and live out our faith are under attack.With so many in our congregations misinformed or uniformed, pastors…we need you to rise up. We need you to boldly preach the Gospel in your churches. (4/19/2020)