Marlin Maddoux

Marlin Maddoux was the founder and president of International Christian Media and host of the Point of View radio talk show, as well as a noted journalist and author. (4/19/2020)





With Gratitude, for the Giants Whose Shoulders ADF Stands On

Please, join me, this week, amid your other expressions of joy and gratitude, in giving thanks for the enduring vision of our ADF founders (4/19/2020)


In Remembrance: Two Lives That Exemplified God’s Grace

Although this New Year has already been blessed with some significant legal victories for this ministry, I want to diverge from our usual weekly analysis of these wins to honor two remarkable individuals whose lives have given a special inspiration to the work we are doing and the goals ADF is striving, by God’s powerful grace, to accomplish. (4/19/2020)