Jeffrey Shafer

Jeffrey Shafer serves as senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, where he is a member of the Center for Cultural Engagement and Scholarship. (4/19/2020)


Goslin v. State Board of Medicine

Appellate court overturns Board of Medicine decision that barred midwife from continuing to practice (5/29/2020)


The Children First Foundation v. Legreide

State agrees to end six-year roadblock of pro-adoption group’s specialty pro-adoption plates (6/2/2020)


Curry v. Hensinger

Petition requests Supreme Court review of lower court decision regarding censorship of message attached to candy canes by fifth-grade student (5/29/2020)


River of Life Kingdom Ministries v. Village of Hazel Crest

Full panel of 7th Circuit to hear case of congregation denied permission to meet on its own property (5/29/2020)


Sincerely Yours v. Cooper

ADF attorneys appeal portions of ruling in case of contract postal unit at church (5/29/2020)


Curry v. School District of the City of Saginaw

Officials prohibited fifth-grader from distributing candy-cane ornaments with Christian message (5/29/2020)


We hate you. Now give us your kids so that we can turn them against you.

The late American philosopher Richard Rorty (d. 2007) in describing his assessment of the role of university professor wrote: “When we American college teachers encounter religious fundamentalists, we do not consider the possibility of reformulating our own practices of justification so as to give more weight to the authority of the Christian scriptures. (6/30/2021)