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  • February 20, 2013
    … New lawsuit Planned Parenthood forced botched abortion … Woman says abortionist forced her … on behalf of a woman who claims that they forced her to undergo an abortion without anesthesia and then left part … not provide her with the agreedupon intravenous anesthesia for pain but the abortionist proceeded with the abortion
  • November 20, 2013
    … Ariz to US Supreme Court Taxpayers shouldnt be forced to fund … an Arizona law that limits the use of taxpayer funds for abortion The US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit …
  • May 14, 2013
    … Iowa Planned Parenthood fraud case heads to 8th Circuit … Alliance Defending Freedom represents former … are appealing her fraud case to the US Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit A district court judge dismissed her … to know if their hardearned tax money is being funneled to groups that are misusing it That is why we are appealing this …
  • March 20, 2013
    … … Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys file third lawsuit to expose abortion giants mishandling of taxpayer dollars … repeated false fraudulent andor ineligible claims for reimbursement to the state of Washingtons Department of … these if their hardearned tax money is being funneled to groups that are misusing it said Senior Counsel Michael J …
  • June 10, 2013
    … WV abortionist forced botched abortion … Woman says abortionist forced her to proceed with abortion left part of babys body in womb … Stephens violated standards of care by failing to account for the fetal skull following Ms Gravelys surgical abortion
  • July 1, 2013
    for charging the group unconstitutional fees in order to exercise its freedom of speech University officials … the topic of abortion The university required the group to pay for campus security officers at the event because school … # # # | Ref. 41206 … CaseUB Students for Life v Tripathi … religious freedom … education … university … free speech … …
  • February 12, 2013
    … Mt Sinai ends forced abortionparticipation policy … HHS investigation … has resulted in additional policy and procedure changes to ensure that medical personnel are not forced toforced her to assist in an abortion in violation of her religious beliefs in 2009 The changes come in addition to a …
  • October 17, 2013
    … with taxpayer dollars … State records $14 million provided to Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood in violation of state … prohibits the direct or indirect public subsidizing of abortion Public officials should respect the law and the … nonprofit legal organization that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith …   … …
  • September 6, 2013
    … stopped … Cost of freedom could be millions of dollars to Colo businessman f Obama administration ultimately … in court The mandate forces employers regardless of their religious or moral convictions to provide insurance coverage … an evangelical Christian who specifically objects to being forced to provide coverage for abortifacients The …
  • November 21, 2013
    … EMU agrees to end discrimination against prolife student group … … revise university policy and remove the ban on funding for groups with such perspectives especially since the university … for Life at Eastern Michigan University v Parker … religious freedom … education … university … EMU agrees to