Bradley Abramson

Bradley Abramson serves as senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, where he plays an integral role on the Alliance Mobilization Team. (1/11/2021)


Above and Beyond Child Care v. State of Arizona

A state appeals board has reversed a $25,000 tax bill that had been levied against a Phoenix-area Christian day care center run by a church. (6/2/2020)


Attorneys & Staff

Alliance Defending Freedom's team of attorneys exists to serve you. Our Attorneys are here to protect your freedoms in court. (9/22/2021)


This Is What Happens When the American Bar Association Tries to Censor Attorney Speech

Facing increasing opposition to its new speech code rule, the American Bar Association (ABA) is learning that it’s not easy to limit the constitutional freedoms of attorneys. (7/23/2021)


South Carolina Supreme Court Rejects Attorney Speech Code

A new model rule that would limit the free speech of attorneys is falling flat. And for good reason: it’s unconstitutional. (8/31/2021)


You’re Never Too Young To Be Penalized For Your Faith

It really is astonishing, sometimes, to see the lengths to which government officials will go to enforce their often deeply misguided understanding of “separation of church and state.” (4/19/2020)

Press Release

Christmas gift for Ariz. Christian day care: $25K tax bill reversed

ADF, allied attorney represent church-run school in Surprise that had been sacked with unwarranted taxes (5/13/2021)