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  • Kyle Barthelson serves as Sr. Director of Transformational Partnerships at Alliance Defending Freedom.
  • Ryan Tucker serves as senior counsel and director of the Center for Christian Ministries with Alliance Defending Freedom.
  • Denise Harle serves as senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, where she is the director of the Center for Life.
  • Denise Burke serves as senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, where she is a member of the Center for Legislative Advocacy.
  • Kyle McCutcheon serves as corporate counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom.
  • Elise joined the Alliance Defending Freedom team in 2017 as Development Administrative Assistant.
  • Since the beginning, the Stormans have run their business consistent with their Christian faith. That faith informs their decisions about their stores, from the way they interact with employees and their community, to their decision to not stock early abortifacient drugs, like the morning-after pill (Plan B) and ella in Ralph’s Thriftway’s pharmacy.
  • Pastor Clyde Reed wasn’t always a pastor. Up until the age of 40, he made a living as an engineer, but then something changed.
  • Kelvin Cochran dedicated over 30 years of his life to fighting fires and protecting the communities in which he's lived and worked.
  • June Sheldon was an adjunct professor at San José City College (SJCC). In the summer of 2007, she taught a Human Heredity course that explored the role of genetics in different disciplines like medicine and agriculture as well as an overview of the biology of human genetics.