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December 8, 2009
High Court will hear case involving right of religious student organizations to determine their own leadership
November 25, 2009
ADF attorneys provided assistance in former Texas abortion clinic director’s fight against baseless lawsuit
November 9, 2009
ADF attorneys help former Texas abortion clinic director fight baseless claims that she absconded with confidential information
October 8, 2009
Over at the American Thinker, (h/t Pope Center), Jon Lipsman writes about his experience as a conservative professor in academia over the course of a few decades.

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September 18, 2009
Injunction prohibiting enforcement of policy that violates student free speech rights will stand
July 23, 2009
ADF attorneys file lawsuit against hospital for violating Christian nurse’s rights of conscience
July 14, 2009
Court grants motion in favor of student called ‘fascist bastard’ by professor for Christian beliefs
April 4, 2009
ADF attorneys file suit on behalf of student expelled from graduate counseling program