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We are not hostile, we just want to eliminate you

ADF official comment
Published On: 10/18/2017

The Alliance Defense Fund has been running ads in a number of campus newspapers across the country to encourage students at schools with onerous, unconstitutional policies to stand up for their rights.


In an Oct. 20 piece in response to the ADF Center for Academic Freedom ad that appeared in the University of Iowa’s “Daily Iowan,” self-described UI admissions counselor” Tom Gioielli assures readers that ADF is blowing smoke about the threat against free speech on campus:

As I was perusing through the Oct. 19 issue of The Daily Iowan, I was intrigued by a half-page advertisement from the Alliance Defense Fund that read “College Students Deserve An Education Not Indoctrination.” Thinking this was a very true statement and a great point, I then looked under the caption to see the following statement: “Christian students at our public universities are being denied their right to openly express what they believe.”

 I’m sorry to be rude, but what the hell has this group been smoking?

Gioielli continues:

Now should religious figures be silenced at all on our college campus? Of course not. They have every right to speak what they believe as I do.

Fair enough, right?  Well, stand by for the conclusion – his message to Christians and the call-to-arms for his “tolerant” compatriots:

Keep out of our public schools. You already hold sway over a vast number of children and young adults in this country. The University of Iowa alone has over 20 officially recognized religious group on campus and an open forum for discussion. To all of the other tolerant religious or agnostic people out there: We should work together to root out this type of fundamentalist brainwashing that is occurring throughout our country.


So, Mr. Gioielli needs to answer the question: Does he believe Christians have a right to speak, or does he believe Christians need to be rooted out, eliminated from public schools?  It is not possible for one to believe both.  Oh, that pesky law of non-contradiction.  Makes me think of this.


Even absent an answer, it’s pretty clear where this “UI admissions counselor” stands: with the vast majority of public universities and their administrations that maintain and enforce the very unconstitutional policies and practices the ADF Center for Academic Freedom is successfully knocking down across the country.  Toxic ideas like those expressed in Mr. Gioielli’s piece are not to be censored, but they are reason the Alliance Defense Fund has taken up the banner of freedom for college students across America who are asking for nothing more than a restoration of their First Amendment rights.           

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