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Religious Freedom Trumps Public School Efforts to stop Bible Reading

ADF official comment
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ZACHARY, LOUISIANA – It was "quiet reading time" for a second grade class in the Zachary Community School District, but it was also censorship time for eight-year-old Harrison Kravat.

However the effort of one principal and one teacher to censor Harrison from reading his Bible was corrected by the Zachary School District Superintendent immediately after he received a demand letter from the Alliance Defense Fund.

"This is another example of the effects of radical groups like the ACLU and its allies using fear, intimidation, and disinformation," said Michael Johnson, counsel in the Louisiana Regional Service Center of the Alliance Defense Fund.  "After receiving our demand letter, the superintendent called me to affirm that he would follow the law and get the problem corrected within the day, and that’s exactly what he did.  I offered our assistance whenever the so-called ‘separation of church and state’ rears its head to punish youngsters such as Harrison Kravat.  Thankfully, the Alliance Defense Fund was able to help the family resolve this issue without filing a lawsuit." 

On at least one occasion the little boy was moved to tears when the teacher rebuked Harrison for bringing his Bible to school.

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