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ADF attorney available at Supreme Court to discuss ObamaCare lawsuits, comments to HHS

ADF involved in several ObamaCare-related cases
Published On: 10/18/2017

ADF attorney sound bite:  Steven Aden

WHO: ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox
WHAT: Available for media interviews on latest updates in ADF ObamaCare lawsuits and pending ruling in U.S. Department of Health and Human Services v. State of Florida
WHEN: Thursday, June 28 at approximately 10:15 a.m. EDT
WHERE: U.S. Supreme Court, 1 First St. NE, Washington


WASHINGTON — An Alliance Defense Fund attorney will be available for media interviews on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court Thursday in anticipation of the high court’s potential ruling on the constitutionality of ObamaCare. ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox will be available to discuss with the media the latest updates in all of the ADF lawsuits against ObamaCare and the ramifications of the court’s decision upon those cases.

ADF and allied legal organizations together filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case U.S. Department of Health and Human Services v. State of Florida on behalf of numerous pro-life medical groups. The brief argues that Americans should not be compelled to pay for other people’s elective abortions as required by ObamaCare.

ADF has also filed several other lawsuits challenging an Obama administration mandate under the plan that requires religious organizations to provide and pay for insurance coverage of abortion-causing drugs and devices for their employees regardless of whether the religious employers object on moral or religious grounds:

 On behalf of Geneva College and Louisiana College, ADF submitted comments Tuesday to the Department of Health and Human Services to explain the religious liberty problems with the abortion pill mandate. The comments are similar to those ADF submitted to HHS on behalf of the Cardinal Newman Society and numerous Catholic universities and other institutions in May.


ADF is also co-counsel in Rhode Island Right to Life v. Chafee, a suit by a pro-life organization and 38 Rhode Island legislators challenging Gov. Lincoln Chafee’s unilateral creation of an ObamaCare healthcare exchange that includes taxpayer subsidies for abortion.

“If ObamaCare stands, it will hold your healthcare hostage if you refuse to violate your conscience,” said ADF Senior Counsel Steven H. Aden. “If the individual mandate is struck down but the rest of ObamaCare is allowed to stand, the problem will still exist and will also throw the doors wide open to expanded abortion funded by taxpayers.”

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