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Lorie Smith of 303 Creative at the Supreme Court of the United States of America

Speak up! Stand with Lorie

Our First Amendment right to free speech advances human flourishing, protects other civil liberties, and allows people with diverse views to live together well. This right isn’t given by the government, it’s rooted in each human person’s dignity. That’s why the government must protect and respect every person’s freedom to speak consistent with their beliefs.

The Colorado government is censoring speech and forcing artists like Lorie Smith of 303 Creative to create custom artwork and messages that contradict her core beliefs.

If government officials can do this to her, they can do this to you too…

Lorie stood before the Supreme Court last December – defending free speech for all Americans.

Will you stand with her now and make your voice heard?

If you believe this fundamental freedom deserves protection, sign your name below.

Don’t let the opportunity to defend it pass you by.

  • I stand for Free Speech: everyone should be free to say what they believe without fearing government punishment.
  • I stand against any effort by the government to censor speech and force Americans to say things they don’t believe.
  • I stand for freedom and support Lorie’s right—and the right of all Americans—to create freely.