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Isabel Vaughan Spruce

Stand with Isabel

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce was arrested for silently praying. She wasn’t carrying a sign or engaging with anyone. She wasn’t even praying out loud.

She was simply standing near an abortion clinic in the United Kingdom – peacefully praying in her mind.

The introduction of “censorship zones” by Birmingham authorities criminalizes individuals perceived to be “engaging in any act of approval or disapproval” in relation to abortion, including through “verbal or written means, prayer or counseling…”.

Isabel’s physical presence in the censorship zone wasn’t a crime in itself, it was the contents of her private thoughts that were prohibited.

This Orwellian policy simply cannot be allowed to stand. Imagine the wide-sweeping implications if governments, of what claim to be free countries, are allowed to arrest someone for the contents of their private thoughts.

If you believe that freedom of thought and religion must be protected, will you sign our petition today and stand with Isabel?

Yes, I stand with Isabel!