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Students Don't Have to Leave Their Faith at Home

Student Stories

Can one student really make a difference? Read these amazing stories of students who stood up for their faith.

Alexis Lightcap

When Alexis heard about the lawsuit, she knew that she was called to join. Why? Because she felt that her voice brought something different—and needed—to the conversation. A female’s perspective on privacy needed to be heard.

Justus Abramo

Justus Abramo was a first grade student in the Nazareth Area School District, and Valentine’s Day was right around the corner.

Nathan Solak

A high schooler was denied the use of an auditorium for an event during lunch.

Daniel Glowacki

Inspiring defender or bully? Daniel Glowacki’s economics teacher has been portrayed as both in the national media for kicking Daniel out of his class. Daniel’s offense? Disagreeing with his teacher’s view on homosexuality.

Sarah Stites

When she was a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia, Alliance Defending Freedom helped Sarah Stites file suit against the Fairfax County Public School Board.

Katie Ayers

It is the essence of the New Testament, from Jesus’ first words to His first disciples, to the closing lines of Revelation: an invitation to come. Nothing forced, nothing rushed, no pressure… just a gracious extension of earthly hospitality, rife with eternal implications.

Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith, a student at Patterson Elementary, discovered a surprising response to an innocuous invitation inviting his classmates to attend a religious youth camp sponsored by his church.

Erin Krestan

As a student at Mountain Ridge High School in Glendale, Arizona, Erin Krestan was a member of Common Cause, a Christian club that met on campus. In order to promote her club, Erin asked to add an announcement to Mountain Ridge’s morning bulletins.<br>

Janelle Poukamissas

It was the start of a new school year and Janelle Poukamissas was excited as she walked into a planning meeting with the other student leaders of the Ichthus Club, a Christian student club at Half Hollow Hills High School East on Long Island, New York.&nbsp;

Georgia Crawley

When first-grader Georgia Rose Crawley was censored from mentioning God in a poem honoring her veteran grandfathers at her school’s Veteran’s Day program, she couldn’t have dreamed it would ignite months of controversy.

Brian Hickman

When Brian Hickman first heard about the open auditions for the upcoming Talent Show at his school, Superior Street Elementary, he immediately knew what he wanted to perform.

Phillip Dean

When Phillip and his classmates at York Preparatory Academy walked into band class expecting another normal day of practice, their band director delivered a surprising and disappointing announcement.

Genesis Feliciano

It’s the day all high school seniors dream about – graduation day. Filled with the joy of memories past, the sadness of goodbye, and the hope for the future, it’s truly a day every teenager remembers forever.

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