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Supreme Court of the United States

Help Defend Holston United Methodist Home for Children


The Holston United Methodist Home for Children has been serving abused and neglected children for over 100 years.

But now, the federal government is taking steps to enforce a rule that would require the faith-based agency to violate its religious beliefs by placing children in homes that do not align with their faith, such as non-Christian or same-sex couples, or cohabitating heterosexual couples that are unmarried.

Holston Home is a force for good, living out the words of Christ to care for children and “the least of these”.

It is vital that Holston Home, as a religious organization, remains free to continue placing at-risk children in loving, Christian families, according to its deeply held beliefs, without fear of government penalties.

Will you help ensure that vulnerable children have the opportunity to find loving, Christian families by supporting our defense of Holston Home today?

ADF attorneys have filed Holston United Methodist Home for Children v. Becerra in a U.S. District Court in Tennessee, and we are committed to seeing it through all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, if needed.

Your generous, tax-deductible, gift today makes our work possible.

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