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Supreme Court of the United States

The Biden administration is threatening a ministry that helps kids in need of a home.

Holston United Methodist Home for Children wants to provide hope and healing for hurting kids. That could be reuniting them with their families, finding a foster or adoptive family for them, or helping them become successful adults.

Because of the ministry’s Christian beliefs about marriage, human sexuality, and the family, the Biden administration is threatening to cut off critical funding Holston Home receives.

Thankfully, you can help defend Holston Home today so they can support kids across East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Holston Home began more than 120 years ago, in the home of Mrs. E.E. Wiley. In 1895, she took in her first homeless child.

Mrs. Wiley wasn’t rich. But she answered the Lord’s call to start an orphanage for hurting children.

“That kind of inspirational and courageous faith for a woman in that era is such a testimony to God’s faithfulness,” Holston Home President Bradley Williams says. “…Today, we remain committed to these long-held biblical convictions and our calling to care for the most vulnerable young people in Jesus’ name.”

That calling—to care for the least of these as Jesus would—has fueled more than a century of ministry. And the beliefs the ministry’s held to for more than 100 years? They have no intention of turning their backs on them now.

It’s those same beliefs that has placed Holston Home in a federal lawsuit against the Biden administration.

Will you help defend the ministry?

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This is what’s happening to Holston Home

Administrative decisions by the federal government impact the lives of real people. Here’s the situation for Holston Home.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)— provides reimbursement to adoption and foster-care providers through a federal program. This reimbursement helps families shoulder the additional costs of meeting a child’s basic needs.

But an Obama administration rule required faith-based agencies to violate their religious beliefs to receive the funding. The rule forced ministries to place children in homes that don't align with their faith, such as with non-Christian or same-sex couples, or unmarried couples who live together.

During the Trump administration, HHS issued much-needed religious exemptions to this rule so faith-based agencies could operate according to their religious beliefs.

Unfortunately, under the Biden administration, HHS rescinded the religious exemptions.

And now, ministries like Holston Home are left to choose between three simply unacceptable options:

  • Violate their religious beliefs and continue to receive funding
  • Stand by their religious beliefs and lose funding under the reimbursement program
  • Exit the adoption and foster care programs, violating their religious beliefs in tension with its more than 100-year-old mission

At any moment, the administration could enforce the rule and exclude Holston Home from the foster care and adoption program.

This federal government action violates Holston Home’s God-given right to the free exercise of religion.

No one—and no organization—should be forced to decide between remaining faithful to their beliefs and serving vulnerable children.

That’s why Alliance Defending Freedom is representing Holston Home in lawsuit against the Biden administration. And your help is needed.


The federal government’s action harms hurting children

In the U.S., a child is abused or neglected every 48 seconds. The last thing the government should be doing is targeting the beliefs of critical adoption and foster care agencies like Holston Home.

The ministry is centered on the power of the Gospel to transform lives.

Holston Home provides hope and healing for a brighter future by sharing the love of Jesus with abused and neglected children and families struggling with life’s challenges.

“Our prayer is always that we can help children and adults overcome generations of dysfunction and pain,” Bradley says. “As Christians, we believe that any lasting change is a true work of God.”

Holston United Methodist Home for Children

Holston Home’s staff works daily to strengthen families and help kids overcome the emotional traumas they’ve experienced.

They seek to do what’s best for children, whether that’s reuniting them with their families, finding a foster or adoptive family for them, or helping them become successful adults. Since 1895, they’ve helped more than 8,000 children.

But, if the federal government has its way, there will be far fewer stories of success and lives transformed coming from Holston Home.

Will you stand with Holston Home and help fuel its lawsuit against the administration with a gift today?

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If Holston Home loses, we all lose

When the federal government tries to force faith-based ministries to violate their religious beliefs to receive needed funding, we all lose.

But it’s vulnerable children in need of loving homes who lose most.

Some of the children that Holston Home serves come from drug-addicted homes. Others have suffered physical, emotional, and sexual abuse from those around them that they trusted.

They’ve been traumatized in ways that no one—especially children—should have to endure. They need loving homes and loving families.

And that’s precisely what ministries like Holston Home provide.

The work of these ministries is lifesaving and life-transforming. They shouldn’t have to fear government penalties for holding to biblical beliefs which good and so many Christians have held for millennia.

Instead of ensuring that children-in-need find loving homes, this government action threatens to remove a provider of those homes from the field.

Instead of righting an injustice, it creates more.

Instead of keeping a bright light in a region of the country in which the opioid epidemic is raging, it moves to snuff that light out.

Instead of placing the needs of children first, it sticks them in the backseat.

“At the end of the day, politicizing foster care and adoption makes it harder for children to find stable, permanent homes,” Bradley says. “That’s a result none of us should accept, but it’s inevitable when the government tries to force faith-based providers to check their beliefs at the door.”

Your gift today will put kids—and religious freedom—first.


If Holston Home wins, we all win. And you can help!

When you help fund Holston Home’s case, you’ll stand against government overreach—against a legal culture that requires conformity of thought to serve others.

But what’s more important is who—and what—you’ll stand for.

By standing with Holston Home, you’ll stand with kids who need a loving home. These are children who have been left behind, abused, and neglected. Kids who need a chance. Kids who need someone to bet on them and help turn their odds around.

That’s why Holston Home’s ministry is so important.

Woman holding young girl

Alliance Defending Freedom has established a record of success in defending your religious freedom and the religious freedom of ministries like Holston Home.

But ministries like these cannot fight these expensive legal battles on their own. And we cannot do it without your support.

When you and others give, ministries like Holston Home don't have to pay a penny for their legal services from ADF. So, instead of focusing on the financial burden of a legal case, they can focus on serving their communities and sharing the Gospel.

God has shown us time and time again that when we stand together to fight for religious freedom, we can be victorious. But protecting religious freedom isn’t “someone else’s fight.” It’s your fight. It’s our fight.

Are you in?

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