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Ways to Get Involved

By joining with Alliance Defending Freedom, you can help protect and advance religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, parental rights, and marriage and family. Check out these opportunities to be involved:

Financial Support

Your generous financial support makes it possible for Alliance Defending Freedom and its more than 4,500 Network Attorneys to defend religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, freedom of speech, parental rights, and marriage and family in America and around the world. Please give a tax-deductible, online gift today.

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Email Sign Up

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Monthly Partners

Our culture is rejecting the very foundations on which liberty was built—and government officials’ actions are putting your freedoms under constant threat. As a Monthly Partner with ADF, your generosity will stand against the threats to our God-given rights and form the bedrock of support to protect our freedoms in courtrooms and legislatures worldwide, building a foundation for freedom to advance for generations to come.

Church & Ministry Alliance

ADF provides religious liberty legal help to churches and ministries through affordable legal membership programs via the ADF Church Alliance and ADF Ministry Alliance. If you know church or ministry leaders who might be interested in becoming better prepared to face today’s religious liberty challenges, please refer them to these ADF programs:

Church Alliance

ADF Church & Ministry Alliance

The ADF Church & Ministry Alliance exists to provide legal counsel and resources to ensure that churches and ministries are free to operate, teach, and serve, consistent with God’s call.


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Legal Training

Alliance Defending Freedom has built a strong alliance of Christian professionals through several world-class training programs. Whether you are a new attorney, law student, or college student, we have a program specifically designed to excite and equip you, not only to thrive in your chosen field of practice, but also to make a lasting impact for Christ.

ADF International

ADF International

Are you passionate about protecting religious freedom around the world? ADF International protects fundamental freedoms and promotes the inherent dignity of all people.

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Social Media

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Attorney Referral

ADF refers thousands of requests for help a year thanks to Network Attorneys who use their God-given skills and abilities to protect the rights of people to freely live out their faith—keeping the doors open for the Gospel. From litigation to appeals, amicus briefs, and legislative efforts, Network Attorneys work with Alliance Defending Freedom to achieve the Generational Wins. If you know an attorney who would like to be strategically and effectively deployed on mission with ADF in service to the Body of Christ, please encourage them to apply to join our Attorney Network:

Contact our Director or call 800-835-5233 and ask for the ADF Allied Legal Affairs Team.

ADF Foundation

Planned Giving

With estate planning, you can provide long-lasting support for religious freedom while enjoying the financial benefits. Find out what to give, and learn about the best assets to make a planned gift.

Text Alerts

Text Alerts

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