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Because you and others give, Alliance Defending Freedom is able to respond to attacks on your freedoms in Congress, state legislatures, and courtrooms nationwide.

Check out this month’s edition of Freedom Insider and be encouraged by the difference you’re making!

Because you and others give, Alliance Defending Freedom is able to respond to attacks on your freedoms in Congress, state legislatures, and courtrooms nationwide.

Check out this month’s edition of Freedom Insider and be encouraged by the difference you’re making!

Accused of “Harassment” Just for Expressing Her Beliefs

Maggie’s university censored her. Now, you’re standing with her as she fights back.

Maggie DeJong

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” is a famous expression about free speech.

But today, our nation’s public universities have a different mantra: “I not only disapprove of what you say, but I will stop you from saying it.”

That’s exactly what officials at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) did to one of their recent master’s program graduates, Maggie DeJong. They censored Maggie because of her religious and political views.

But through your generosity, you’re helping to fuel a lawsuit against SIUE officials to vindicate her constitutional rights and strike down portions of the policy used to silence and punish her.

What Happened To Maggie Is Shocking

Maggie pursued her master’s degree in art therapy counseling so she could counsel child trauma victims.

But while she was a student, the school informed Maggie that three students had taken out a “no contact order” against her. SIUE forbade Maggie from engaging with the three students and denied her constitutional right to defend herself against their allegations.

Under threat of further punishment, Maggie was prevented from speaking to them in their shared class, at their jobs in the same building, and in public spaces.

She had no idea why this was happening. ADF sent a demand letter to the school to have the orders rescinded and find out why they were even issued in the first place.

Here’s what we learned: The university issued the orders because certain students claimed they were offended by her speech on topics including religion, politics, critical race theory, and COVID-19 regulations.

She had done nothing wrong except politely share her beliefs and opinions. But Maggie was censored and disciplined, and her reputation was tarnished. She was devastated by what happened.

If Maggie can be treated this way on a college campus, it begs the question: Who is safe to express their beliefs?

Thank you for standing with students and people of faith like Maggie who have been silenced because of their beliefs. Her lawsuit is ongoing. Your generosity helps make the difference for people like Maggie!

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Update on the Post-Roe Fight for Life

Your generosity helps save lives!

Newborn Baby Held By Mother

After the fall of Roe v. Wade, abortion advocates (including lawmakers) quickly turned their focus to attacking pro-life pregnancy resource centers.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, was among the most extreme, saying: “We need to shut them down here in Massachusetts. And we need to shut them down all around the country.”

She and other senators even tried to enlist Big Tech in the effort, asking Google’s CEO to censor search results for life-affirming pregnancy centers.

Through your support, we’re defending those who defend life in the face of these attacks, in many states all across the country.

What's Happening Now

Since Roe was overturned, we've been busy defending pro-life laws across the nation:

  • In West Virginia, we’re working with the state's attorney general to defend one of its pro-life laws from new attacks. Abortionists are seeking to stop it from being enforced.
  • In Michigan, we're representing pro-life groups seeking to protect the state's pro-life law. Planned Parenthood, the governor, and the state attorney general are working together to scrap the law.
  • In Iowa, our attorneys are representing Gov. Kim Reynolds. We're asking Iowa state courts to lift an order blocking the state’s fetal heartbeat law from going into effect.

And there are more cases coming, because lawsuits have been brought in states across the country.

Thank you for standing up for life-affirming laws nationwide, and helping to protect pro-life pregnancy centers, to defend the unborn, and, with God's blessing, to save lives.

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Biden Admin Puts Politics Over Kids’ Needs

You helped defend Grant Park Christian Academy in court against the government’s latest gender-ideology push.

Young Girl Holding School Lunch

This summer, the Biden administration’s radical push to redefine "sex" took a stunning turn—threatening to take away kids’ lunches.

The administration reinterpreted Title IX to redefine "sex" to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Florida Commissioner of Agriculture, Nikki Fried, was poised to block schools—including religious schools—from school lunch funding if they didn’t comply with this radical redefinition.

This was an urgent problem for those attending Grant Park Christian Academy in Florida.

In July, we fought back with an immediate lawsuit—made possible by your generous support. And in August, Fried and the federal government backed down. The school received the funding for school lunches.

Grant Park Christian Academy serves children from a low-income, minority community in Tampa, all of whom receive financial aid to attend. For some kids, the lunch they get at Grant Park Christian Academy is critical to their daily diet.

Government Overreach Hurts Everyone

This shocking mandate applies to all school activities, including restrooms, dress codes, hiring, and pronouns.

This is government overreach at its absolute worst. It's jeopardizing the health and well-being of children for an ideology.

Because of ADF’s efforts and your generosity, lunch is back on the menu for students attending religious schools nationwide. But all secular schools across the country remain subject to the radical mandate.

When Grant Park Christian Academy needed help to stand up in court, friends like you responded. Thank you!

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Major Free Speech Case at Supreme Court Approaching

Soon, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear graphic artist and web designer Lorie Smith’s case. She needs your prayers.

Lorie Smith

Can the government force a Democratic speechwriter to write speeches for a Republican candidate?

The answer’s a resounding no. Of course not. But Colorado officials are trying to do something similar to graphic artist and web designer Lorie Smith.

Soon, our nation’s highest court will hear the oral argument in her case, 303 Creative v. Elenis.

With the eyes of the nation soon to be on her and her case, now is the time to lift Lorie up in prayer.

When Colorado uses the force of law to control what someone can or can’t say, it chooses which Americans have freedom and which ones don’t.

The Apostle Paul tells the church in Rome to be “joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer” (Romans 12:12). Since 2016, Lorie has stood steadfastly in court—not just for herself, but for all Americans—against the government’s attempt to coerce her speech.

A win for Lorie is a win for everyone. Every American has the right to speak freely, regardless of whether or not the government likes their beliefs.

You help support Lorie’s defense (and free speech itself) not just through your generous gifts, but also through your prayers. Please pray for freedom to prevail in her case!

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Will You Pray?

Young Man Praying
  • For free speech to prevail on college campuses and in our culture, so that everyone is free to share their beliefs and live according to them.
  • For strength for victims of government overreach, like the schools that are trying to keep lunches for their students intact.
  • For the advocates, lawmakers, volunteers, and others who are working every day to protect and preserve human life in the face of attacks from the abortion industry.

Courage—When It Matters Most

A word from Alliance Defending Freedom President and CEO, Kristen Waggoner

Alliance Defending Freedom President & CEO, Kristen Waggoner

Many people mistake courage for fearlessness. I don’t think that’s right at all.

Courage is doing what’s right—even when you have great reason to be afraid. Many soldiers who landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day were young men with their entire lives ahead of them. Without a doubt, they were afraid. How couldn’t they be?

But despite that fear, they did what they were called to do. When it mattered most—with the future of freedom on their shoulders.

When I think of courage today, I think of the brave ADF clients who stand for freedom despite the very real consequences for doing so. Some face financial ruin. Others face hostility in the media and from their neighbors.

But they show nothing but courage—when it matters most.

signature of Alliance Defending Freedom President & CEO, Kristen Waggoner

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We don’t charge our clients to defend them in court—but that’s only possible because friends like you give.

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