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Planned Parenthood Arizona v. Brnovich

Court allows pro-life centers to defend AZ 24-hour waiting period law


Cedar Park Assembly of God of Kirkland v. Kreidler

Washington State defends forcing churches to cover abortion in their employee health plans. ADF is helping Cedar Park Assembly of God challenge this in court


Caring Families v. City of Hartford

Caring Families challenges Hartford law similar to one US Supreme Court struck down

Religious Freedom

Skyline Wesleyan Church v. California Department of Managed Health Care

Ninth Circuit rules in favor of California church forced to pay for abortions


Benham v. City of Charlotte

ADF is suing the City of Charlotte for arresting David Benham while he and his pro-life organization were peacefully praying outside an abortion facility.


Global Impact Ministries v. City of Greensboro

ADF files suit on behalf of NC citizens arrested for praying outside of abortion facility

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