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jack phillips hugging granddaughter

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Your prayers and financial support help provide a strong legal defense for Jack Phillips in the face of efforts to strip away his religious freedom. As you know there are plenty of people out there who won’t hesitate to use their power and influence to punish people like Jack.

Remember, it wasn’t long ago that Tim Gill, a Colorado mega-millionaire and LGBT activist, announced that he has poured millions of dollars into opposing people who share Jack’s beliefs. He is going after Christians and others who won’t support or celebrate LGBT ideology because he wants to “punish the wicked.”

People like Mr. Gill want to strip away our freedom to live and work consistently with our deeply held beliefs. And they’re going to extreme lengths to punish those—like Jack—who are willing to stand for their faith.

But through God’s provision and your continued support, we can stand with people like Jack when their freedom is threatened. And when we stand together—we can WIN.

Thank you for your generosity.

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