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  • Pro-life advocates urge US Supreme Court to hear case on Indiana ultrasound law
    3/7/2019 4:49:27 PM
  • Govt-run bus company reverses course, allows ad showing humanity of unborn children
    3/7/2019 4:22:28 PM
  • Victory for Jack Phillips as overwhelming evidence of govt hostility emerges
    3/5/2019 6:46:19 PM
  • Ambassador Sam Brownback to speak at UN for first time Friday
    2/28/2019 7:06:04 PM
  • HHS issues final rule on life-affirming health funding reforms
    2/22/2019 10:19:29 PM
  • Broad support against religious discrimination filed with US Supreme Court
    2/20/2019 10:13:45 PM
  • Arkansas governor signs vital law protecting free speech on public college campuses
    2/20/2019 9:25:04 PM
  • Adoption provider to court: Don’t let Albany shut us down
    2/18/2019 4:08:10 PM
  • ADF available for comment on Arizona ‘In God We Trust’ license plate
    2/11/2019 5:40:12 PM
  • Free Speech Fairness Act would allow pastors to preach without IRS censorship
    2/5/2019 8:55:22 PM
  • ADF returns to 3rd Circuit, argues Pittsburgh censorship zones suppress free speech
    2/5/2019 4:00:46 PM
  • Senators object to protecting children who survive abortion
    2/5/2019 1:07:39 AM
  • Families sue Vermont for religious discrimination
    1/30/2019 4:07:43 PM
  • March for Life appeals ruling against HHS rules that allow it to act consistently with its pro-life mission
    1/29/2019 12:02:38 AM
  • Panel discussion in New York: Should we criminalize hate speech?
    1/25/2019 4:49:06 PM
  • ADF commends HHS’s move to ensure SC faith-based foster care providers free to serve kids
    1/24/2019 5:10:58 PM
  • Psychotherapist challenges NYC’s censorship of private conversations with adult patients
    1/24/2019 4:35:28 PM
  • Artistic freedom at heart of case Arizona Supreme Court will hear Tuesday
    1/18/2019 4:07:04 PM
  • Ohio Christian school takes its zoning discrimination case to US Supreme Court
    1/16/2019 5:30:49 PM
  • Homeless shelter to court: Stop Anchorage’s hostility toward battered women
    1/10/2019 6:51:01 PM
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