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Protect free speech on college campuses


Today’s college students are the future of our society and government. They must be free to respectfully disagree and share opposing viewpoints if we expect them to become successful leaders.

But each year, we receive many calls from college students whose free speech rights have been violated on their campus.

They desperately need help to defend their First Amendment freedoms. And because ADF doesn’t charge clients for the legal defense we provide, their fight isn’t possible without you.

This work to protect free speech on college campuses is wholly dependent on God’s provision (John 15:5) and your prayers and support. It costs about $6,000 to create and send just one demand letter in defense of freedom.

That’s why your tax-deductible gift today is so critical.

We’re just a few months into a new semester and already the calls have been rolling in. Today you can help fund the next demand letter on behalf of a student who is boldly taking a stand for freedom on campus.

  • 50 people who donate $120 = 1 demand letter
  • 100 people who donate $60 = 1 demand letter
  • 150 people who donate $40 = 1 demand letter
  • 250 people who donate $24 = 1 demand letter

If you care deeply about preserving freedom in this country, and you want to make your influence felt on campuses across the U.S., please consider making a tax-deductible gift today.

These students are counting on you.

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