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Supreme Court of the United States

In re: C.J.C.

Last Updated: 4/23/2021


The mother of the child passed away in a car accident while in the middle of a modified custody proceeding in court that she began four months after moving in with her boyfriend. After her death, the child began living exclusively with her father, but the boyfriend sought to gain partial custody over the father’s objections. Despite the fact that the father was legally a fit parent and testified that the child had no desire to see the boyfriend, a lower court allowed the boyfriend to intervene in the proceedings and awarded him partial custody of the child. The Texas Supreme Court vacated the custody ruling and concluded that the girl’s father is “entitled to a presumption that he determines [his daughter’s] best interest based on his fundamental right as a fit parent.”

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Michael P. Farris, President and CEO

President and CEO

Michael P. Farris, CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom, brings to the role a diverse background as an effective litigator, educator, and public advocate.

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