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The Holy Bible locked up in chains

Help protect religious liberty at this critical moment

We are living at a critical moment in history.

In the past, Americans were united in their support for the Constitution and their belief in core American principles.

But today there are activists, organizations, and even government officials seeking to undermine the cherished freedoms protected in our founding document.

For example, the American Civil Liberties Union, once a fierce defender of free speech, is now actively working to curtail the First Amendment.

The ACLU has a $300 MILLION annual budget and many powerful allies in government – now including the Biden Administration and the governors of many states.

In many of our key cases, ADF goes head-to-head with the ACLU. These cases can be tough, time-consuming, and costly. But if we don’t continue to fight for our freedoms, they may not be around for the next generation.

At Alliance Defending Freedom, we’re taking a stand… and, with God’s favor, we’re winning.

We’ve prevailed in hundreds of cases in state and federal courts, winning 14 victories at the United States Supreme Court since 2011!

But we need your help. We represent our clients at no cost to them, thanks to generous gifts from people like you.

These victories lay critical legal precedent that impact all people of faith... but we never take on a case unless we have adequate funding. Will you help ensure religious liberty has a strong defense by contributing $25, $50, $100, or even $250 today?


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