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Lorie Smith

Lorie Smith threatened by the Government

Unprecedented. Staggering. Orwellian.

Commit to Pray for Lorie

These have all been used to describe a federal appeals court decision that said Colorado officials can force web designer Lorie Smith of 303 Creative to speak views she disagrees with.

Lorie is also a Christian who believes that marriage is between one man and one woman. While she will create web designs for anyone, she doesn’t create all messages. She can’t use her design skills and creativity to express messages that violate her deeply held religious convictions.

But that’s exactly what a Colorado law forces her to do under threat of punishment.

This clearly violates the Constitution.

It’s no wonder that Lorie’s case has landed at the U.S. Supreme Court, which will hear arguments in this pivotal, potentially landmark case next term. Free speech is the bedrock of democratic governments. Without it, freedom vanishes.

Will you join us in covering Lorie and this case in prayer?

Please sign your name below to commit to praying for Lorie—and for the freedom of speech of all Americans to prevail in this case.

"Lorie, thank you for standing up for free speech! I stand with you and am praying for you."