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Help Defend Mosaic Pregnancy Center


Kathy was weeping. She watched in horror as her coworker flushed the aborted baby down the toilet.

She had assisted in hundreds of abortions, but this time, her eyes were opened. She quit her job at the clinic and vowed to never again take part in ending the life of an unborn child.

Today, Kathy runs the Mosaic Pregnancy Center and has committed her life to helping women get the support they need through pregnancy and into motherhood. But thanks to an unconstitutional law, the state is trying to FORCE her to refer patients to abortionists.

Not only would this law require Kathy to violate her moral convictions about a child’s right to life, it’s a direct attack on her freedom of speech.

And Kathy isn’t alone. This law requires the same of all medical providers, regardless of their religious or medical views on abortion.

ADF attorneys are representing the Mosaic Pregnancy Center in a lawsuit to challenge the constitutionality of this law. As a non-profit, we never charge our clients a dime.

Will you help us stand for life and for the first amendment rights of all Americans by chipping in whatever you can today?

Lawsuits are costly and we’re only able to continue our work because of generous supporters, like you.

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