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Supreme Court of the United States

Stand for Free Speech

Stand for Free Speech

ADF General Counsel Kristen Waggoner was an invited guest at a panel about free speech at Yale Law School. She and her fellow panelists were there to discuss how attorneys across the ideological spectrum can come together and support free speech. The event centered around the U.S. Supreme Court case where Kristen defended the right to free speech of ADF client Chike Uzuegbunam. Kristen argued before the Court—and won—on Chike’s behalf in 2021.

Yet at Yale, she and the panel were shut down by a mob of students – our future lawyers, jurists, legislators, and corporate executives – who hurled insults, made obscene gestures, shouted down speakers, and engaged in physical intimidation.

Future lawyers and leaders must be able to persuade others through logic and legal principle, not intimidation and harassment.

Many Americans are afraid to share their beliefs.

  • Government officials restrict speech.
  • Large companies blacklist their ideological opponents.
  • Mobs—on and offline—shout down and try to “cancel” anyone who disagrees with them.

Freedom of speech and freedom of thought needs a strong, winning legal defense—right now. And we must raise up future leaders who will protect and promote free speech for all.

You can help do both of these things by making a gift to Alliance Defending Freedom today! Together, we can help ensure that all Americans have the right to speak freely.

Right now, your gift may qualify for a special $500,000 matching grant*, DOUBLING your impact to defend your First Amendment freedoms and God-given rights—until the match is met!

*Your gift will be DOUBLED if you’ve never made a gift to ADF, if you’ve not given a gift to ADF since December 31, 2020, or if your gift today is an increase to your 2021 giving.

Please give generously today! 

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