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Why Young Writers Should Attend the ADF Journalism Academy

By Ryan Everson posted on:
November 30, 2020

As a young professional, you are often looking for ways to improve your skills and make valuable connections. But with so many opportunities and so little free time, deciding which options to pursue can be a challenge.

That’s why I’m thankful for the unique benefits of the ADF Journalism Academy .

As the largest Christian legal organization in the world, ADF is an organization I have long admired. Like many young Christians, I was active in my university’s Students for Life chapter in college. That experience developed a special place in my heart for protecting the unborn and protecting our First Amendment freedoms through my writing. And given ADF’s status as an international leader on those issues, I had a feeling the ADF Journalism Academy would be a great opportunity for me.

I was thrilled when I learned that ADF was bringing in lecturers from some of the most reputable pro-life and conservative publications in the nation. It was great to hear from seasoned professionals who shared their stories and taught us how to navigate from graduating college to making a major impact on the social issues I really care about.

Another unique aspect of the ADF Journalism Academy was the diversity of the communication professionals we heard from. Many of them were journalists at news publications, but one speaker was an editor for a Christian magazine. Another managed public relations operations for a reputable think tank. The art of writing is used in a variety of ways, and it was a special treat to meet with experts from every corner of the profession. ADF also made sure we had time for Q&A with each speaker, giving everyone a chance to ask about their specific interests.

But my favorite part of the program was meeting dozens of other young professionals who were devout in their Christian faith and pursuing career paths similar to my own. And further, these were people who cared about pro-life advocacy and our constitutional rights, and they were eager to use the art of communication to advance those values in the court of public opinion. I still keep in touch with friends I met there, and I’m grateful to ADF for bringing us together through this event.

The ADF Journalism Academy taught me skills that I will probably use for the rest of my career. And if you’re a young writer who has a heart for pro-life advocacy, religious freedom, and our Constitution, I’m confident you’ll benefit from it too.


Ryan Everson

Ryan Everson

Communication Integrity Specialist

Ryan serves as the Communication Integrity Specialist at Alliance Defending Freedom.


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