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When We March for Life Together, No Bridge Can Hold Us

October 17, 2017

By Ellie Visser

"Their marching, done in unity, done in love, will collapse that bridge as the resonation grows stronger and stronger. It will take it down once and for all. That is why we march.”

This profound quote from a blog post by Julia Pritchett, Program Coordinator for Sidewalk Advocates for Life resonates loud and clear. It expounds on an old adage that a group of soldiers marching over a bridge will collapse it if their steps are in sync due to the force their unified body produces.

Such an incident of “mechanical resonance” became rather infamous in England, when, in April 1831, the marching of a detachment of 74 soldiers from the British Army’s 60th Rifle Corps across the Broughton Suspension Bridge caused one of the iron columns supporting critical suspension chains to fall, collapsing the bridge and throwing 40 soldiers into the River Irwell. Luckily, the water was only about 2 feet deep, so none of the men were killed.

How powerful it is to see this occurring today, as we near the 43rd anniversary of the disastrous Roe v. Wade decision, which has led to nearly 59 million deaths. Each year, on or around January 22nd, pro-life advocates from across the nation have marched in Washington, D.C. peacefully protesting this tragedy.

A major component of March for Life is the #WhyWeMarch campaign. While the King’s Royal Rifle Corps on the bridge literally marched together, physically shaking and crumbling the bridge with their steps, we have an even greater opportunity to see the vibrations of our movement ripple across culture through mobile devices, the Internet, and social media.

Digital connectivity opens doors to the vast and passionate body advocating for the unborn as each of our “footsteps,” whether they be on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, link together through #WhyWeMarch to echo with one voice: “Every Life is a Gift.”

Beginning in 1974, the March for Life has grown to become the largest annual, peaceful protest of any human rights abuse in the world. March for Life President, Jeanne F. Mancini, describes it in this vide as a “human dignity pilgrimage” where tens of thousands gather in unity to build a culture of life.

There is a tremendous legacy that is being carried on. And with each year, even more legacies are created as the lives of the unborn are protected in order that they may live out the days God has set before them.

The proverbial torch is being marched forward from generation to generation, from those marching to the Capitol to those posting online. Just look at these posts, exemplifying the countless stories of participants linking arms throughout the years to uphold life. Take a look and see the amazing ways God is bringing people and voices from around the world together!

Is this your first experience with the March for Life or the pro-life movement, or are you a veteran sharing the journey? How have you been personally impacted by the pro-life movement?

How are you experiencing the bigger story Mancini refers to as every part joins the greater body?

Why do you march? Why do you raise your voice?

I don’t know about you, but I hear the pounding of all our footsteps, the mechanical resonance stirring all our hearts, and the crunching of stone as the bridge of death crumbles under our marching advance for life. Thank you for your voice and for being part of the legacy of life.

Take the #WhyWeMarch video or picture challenge to share your story! #MFL2016

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