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When Kids Watch Their Father Love Their Mother

By Marissa Mayer posted on:
October 17, 2017

Children first learn about love from their mom and dad. Could you imagine growing up feeling that every day you had to compete for or wait for your parent’s love and attention?  Could you imagine the long-term effects in a child’s life if they felt like this every day?

Would you ever intentionally choose that for a child?

Katy Faust, who was raised by her mother and her mother’s same-sex partner, says that for children, seeing their mother and father love each other communicates that they themselves are loved by both parents, but in situations when their parent loves someone who isn’t their biological mom or dad, they actually feel in competition.

For many children, this is already a reality. We can already see that an environment of constantly feeling second rate to the desires of adults is not what’s best for children.

Although not all children will experience the ideal for a variety of reasons, it doesn’t change the fact that an environment with a mom and a dad who love one another is the best for children’s well-being.

And shouldn’t that be what matters most in the marriage debate?


Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer

Senior Copywriter & Editor

Marissa Mayer is an Arizona native who fell in love with the written word at a young age.

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