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What We Can Learn from the Story of the Abortionist Who Hoarded Bodies of Aborted Babies

By Charles Snow posted on:
September 25, 2019

Some stories shock the conscience. What happened at the Illinois residence of Ulrich Klopfer is one such story.

Klopfer was an abortionist. He was also a hoarder. An attorney for his family said that the home “was floor to ceiling piled with garbage and boxes, old TVs, typewriters, and computers … You can barely walk down the hallways …”

Klopfer’s family requested that authorities come to his home after his death on September 3, 2019. When authorities arrived, they found more than 2,000 medically-preserved fetal remains in cardboard boxes in his garage. That is, remains from thousands of aborted babies. According to authorities, the remains are from 2000-2002, when he worked out of abortion facilities in Indiana.

Mike Kelly, sheriff of Will County, Illinois, where Klopfer lived said, "I can tell you, the 31 years I've been doing this job, I have never seen anything like this, ever. It is a strange, one of those once-in-a-lifetime things.”

Ulrich Klopfer’s story teaches us two things.

1. There must be more oversight on abortionists.

Klopfer made a living killing the unborn as a “circuit-riding abortionist”across Illinois and Indiana, and he worked in the abortion industry for decades. It’s estimated that he performed tens of thousands of abortions over his lifetime.

In addition to being “Indiana’s most prolific abortionist,” Klopfer earned a notorious reputation for disobeying the law.

His last abortion facility in Indiana closed in 2015 after the state revoked its license. Before that, the abortionist found himself under heat for numerous procedural violations, such as performing an abortion on a 13-year-old-girl without filing a timely public report as required by law. Klopfer had his medical license suspended in 2016.

Klopfer claimed to have never lost a patient during his years as an abortionist. But obviously, this claim can only be rationalized if you deny that the unborn are human beings possessing inherent dignity.

Which brings us to the second lesson.

2. The practice of abortion denies the dignity of the unborn.

Abortion treats the bodies of the unborn as mere objects, rather than a human being. When a human passes away, their loved ones honor them with a proper burial. But thousands of the children lost to abortion at Klopfer’s hands were instead stored as “trophies.”

This past May, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld an Indiana law that requires deceased unborn infants to receive proper burials. ADF filed a friend-of-the-court brief in favor of Indiana’s law. Planned Parenthood, which has been exposed for selling limbs, lungs, brains, livers, hearts, and muscle tissue harvested from aborted babies, challenged the law.

The aborted babies in Ulrich Klopfer’s garage never received the proper burial they deserved. Instead, they were shoved away into the recesses of the home of a hoarder.

Many were rightly shocked by the revelation that an abortionist was hoarding the bodies of aborted babies in his garage. But Klopfer just extended the dehumanizing mentality of abortion along a rational progression. If the unborn aren’t persons, why can’t they be stored in garages instead of graves?

No baby deserves the fate of those stored in Ulrich Klopfer’s garage, and we must work to pass common-sense abortion regulations to prevent such tragedies in the future.

Charles Snow

Charles Snow

Contributing Writer

Charles is a Tennessee native and lover of books and basketball.


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