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The Weekly Digest: 1-27-16

By James Arnold posted on:
October 17, 2017

Last week we introduced you to the Alliance Alert Daily Digest (which you can receive in your inboxes by subscribing here). Starting this week, we'll post highlights from the news of the past week.

With that, on to the news.

Sanctity of Life

First, this piece from The Gospel Coalition. While you've likely heard a similar sentiment elsewhere, this sort of piece is always a welcome read. It is amazing the impact an ultrasound can have, even on those of us who are already fully convinced of the pro-life position. As the author so poignantly puts it, "Seeing is the end of choice."

A few years ago, Kermit Gosnell made nationwide news, and understandably so, given the egregious nature of his work. What brings Gosnell into this report, three years later? Well, there's a new movie coming out this year. In an effort to promote the film, one of the actors went on NBC's Today Show. That's a big deal if you remember the story before this one: very few mainstream media operations report on pro-life issues, and this one included a host who referred to Gosnell's work as a war on women. Hopefully this is the beginning of media taking the pro-life cause seriously.

Whether you attended March for Life or not, there was an absolute flurry of coverage (you'll forgive the snow pun; I make it out of solidarity for those who braved the cold). We couldn't come close to hitting all of it, but we'll provide a sample. In addition to the coverage we had in the week leading up to the event, we saw U.S. Senators talk about the event, Evangelicals for Life join with Catholics, all despite the grey skies. Indeed, on January 22nd, we did celebrate life.

Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage continues to cause debates around the globe. Next week, Italy is set to debate a law that does not recognize same-sex couples. In light of the debate, many protestors came out in opposition of the bill. Pope Francis spoke on the issue, reminding everybody that the Catholic Church supports biblical marriage and opposes same-sex marriage. Here's the statement he gave to Vatican judges:

"The family, founded on indissoluble matrimony that unites and allows procreation, is part of God’s dream and that of his Church for the salvation of humanity."
Assisted Suicide on Display in Bristol

Read this description, and tell me what you think is being described:

" I am standing in a simple room – a nondescript central European apartment. There is a grey sofa, a small sideboard with a glass candle holder, and a wooden dining table complete with four wooden chairs. With the exception of a clinical-looking bed in one corner, it's all like something you might wander through in an Ikea room display."

Other than the comment about the clinical-looking bed, you might read a similar description for a hotel or housing listing.

It is, in fact, a description of an apartment. But the apartment isn't for rent, at least not for long: "Every two weeks somebody from Britain travels to this suburban apartment on the outskirts of Zurich to die."

And now a recreation of that apartment has been built in Bristol. A museum will hose the Death exhibition for seven weeks, allowing visitors to enter the apartment, sit on the couch or the bed, and generally encourage people to think about the issue of assisted suicide.

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James Arnold

James Arnold

News and Research Manager

James Arnold manages and edits the Alliance Alert, a daily repository of news in all forms—written, spoken, or in video format.

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