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Supreme Court of the United States

Viewpoint Discrimination at America's Universities

October 17, 2017

By: Bob Trent

Kerri Kupec hosts this week’s Freedom Matters with Casey Mattox, Director of the Center for Academic Freedom, and Kellie Fiedorek, legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom.

After a few months away, Kerri returns to the show only to find Casey Mattox suing her alma mater on behalf of Queens College Students for Life. Last fall, the pro-life club and other campus groups applied for “registered” status, seeking to join more than 100 student organizations—including pro-abortion clubs—which are allowed to reserve meeting space, invite speakers, and receive funding from mandatory student activity fees. Officials delayed and then rejected Students for Life’s application without explanation but approved the applications of at least two other groups immediately.

Also on this week's Freedom Matters, Planned Parenthood issues its annual report each year, revealing intimate details of how the nation’s largest abortion business makes and spends its money. Most years the report comes out in December or January, but this year, amidst an administration that is pro-life and yet another blistering undercover report into Planned Parents practices no report has been released.

Should any organization that receives more than half a billion dollars in tax payer funds get away with keeping its dealings private?

And, finally, President Trump promised to make protecting religious freedom his first priority during the campaign. However, three weeks into the new administration Americans across the country are being forced to choose between their faith and their freedom.

Should nuns and Christian universities be forced to provide insurance that pays for abortion inducing drugs? Should churches that provide shelter for the homeless be forced to allow men in the women’s showers and overnight accommodations? 




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Alliance Defending Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom

Non-profit organization

Alliance Defending Freedom advocates for your right to freely live out your faith

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