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These 2 Stories Remind Us Why We Fight for Life

By Bryce Asberg posted on:
March 5, 2020

“Your baby is incompatible with life.” Those words are the substance of nightmares for any parents, but for Christian author and speaker Sheila Walsh, they were all too real.

Sheila was 40 years old and pregnant when her doctor shared with her and her husband the crushing news that their child was sure to die. It felt surreal. But Sheila snapped back to reality when the doctor recommended she abort her baby. Although she did not know what she was going to do, she knew that the unthinkable “option” of abortion was off the table.

She turned to prayer, where she was reminded herself of God promises to be with her in the midst of her struggle. Although she was not promised the health of her child, she was promised the presence of God.

Then, what seemed like the impossible happened. Sheila got another call from her doctor, and listened, holding her breath as the doctor told her what she least expected: The results were wrong, and she was just weeks away from giving birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy.

Thankfully for her son Christian, now 23 years old, Sheila was determined to fight for his life. When faced with terrible news, she took faith and fought courageously, recognizing the value of his life.

Another amazing story of the importance of valuing human life, no matter how small, is that of Ellie Schneider, a guest of President Trump at the 2020 State of the Union address.

Ellie was born at 21 weeks and 6 days, making her one of the youngest babies to survive in the United States—nothing short of a miracle. Now 2 years old, Ellie has overcome amazing odds to be a happy and healthy child.

Christian and Ellie are both perfect pictures of why we fight to hold every life precious amid a culture all too willing to throw away those it deems undesirable or “incompatible with life.”

Millions of Americans recognize the value of life and devote themselves to the fight to preserve it. At ADF, we are privileged to represent several clients who cherish and defend life, even in the face of government hostility:

  • These pro-life pregnancy centers in New York strive to care for mothers and babies in crisis pregnancies. This love for life has made them a target of the New York government, which wants to prevent them from operating in accordance with their beliefs. Pregnancy centers are now challenging an unjust law that would hinder their life-saving work.
  • Cedar Park Church, which operates several ministries in Washington state aimed to promote life and serve the destitute, is being forced to choose between funding abortions and breaking the law. Thankfully, Cedar Park is fighting back to cherish life and serve the community.
  • Heartbeat International is the largest affiliation of pregnancy resource centers in the world. One of the many services they offer is Abortion Pill Rescue, providing women with information about counteracting the lethal effects of the abortion pill. Women considering a chemical abortion deserve access to medical information about this treatment option. With ADF’s help, Heartbeat International is facing the American Medical Association in court to get this information to the women of North Dakota.

It’s past time for the government to stop interfering with those who labor to create a society where life is treasured. Christian and Ellie are a great reminder of what so many of our clients have recognized: Life is worth fighting for.

Bryce Asberg

Bryce Asberg

Media Communication Intern

Bryce is a junior at Hillsdale College where he is majoring in religion.

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