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Religious Freedom

See the Sketches: Supreme Court Oral Arguments Then Vs. Now

While it’s easy to see the differences between the oral arguments in Masterpiece and Uzuegbunam, the similarities shouldn’t be understated.

Why One Mom Dug Deeper into a School District Policy… And Eventually Sued

School officials singled out and silenced this third-grade girl—making her feel as if she had done something wrong.

4 Female Athletes Ready to Make a Stand in Court Again

Imagine how it would feel to show up to the starting line of a race, knowing you were going to lose.

ACLU Debunked! The Real Facts About Men in Women’s Sports

Let’s examine some facts that the ACLU would claim to be “discriminatory, harmful, and unscientific.”

The “Equality Act” Hits Rewind on Women’s Rights

At its core, the “Equality Act” would eliminate the equal opportunities and fair playing fields women have worked so hard to achieve.

California Is Demanding Information from Nonprofits That Could Endanger Donors

ADF is standing with 60 other organizations to ask the Supreme Court for justice and to stop California from violating the constitutional rights of nonprofits and their supporters.

Here's How the Equality Act Threatens Your Freedoms.

President Biden has promised to pass the Equality Act.