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Religious Freedom

Body and Soul: the Growing Intersection of Life and Conscience Concerns

These two cases are examples of what we've been seeing more and more, our practice areas converging into one massive front: the struggle for rights of conscience.

Meet Mid-America Christian University, a School at the Supreme Court Fighting for its Religious Freedom

How can you inspire students to bless the lives of others when the Obama Administration is forcing you to participate in something that can destroy human life?

Two Blatant Examples of Campus Contempt for Students' Freedoms

If you think it’s tough, standing up and speaking out as a Christian in today’s increasingly tumultuous culture … try doing it on your local college campus.

Neither History Nor the Constitution Compels the Senate to Confirm Obama’s Scalia Replacement

There is simply no historical or constitutional basis for demanding that the Senate act on the President’s nominee.

What If Freedom is Propaganda?

Should our service members pretend they have no faith to appease terrorists?

ADF International Calls for End of Genocide in Syria

ADF International calls for Syria to respond to the evidence of genocide, protect the right to life of all, and prosecute unlawful killings and executions.

For Oklahoma Baptist University, Standing Up for the Unborn Means Standing Up to the Obama Administration

Under the threat of major penalties, the Obama Administration's HHS mandate requires Oklahoma Baptist University to provide access to abortion-inducing drugs as part of the school's healthcare plan—a move that would force the school to go against its conscience.