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A Rally for Life: How the Pro-life Movement Spans Boundaries

By Neal Hardin posted on:
December 14, 2021

“Life is a Human Right.” “Empower Women! Promote Life!” “I am the pro-life generation.” “Dignity for all our patients.” “Life is Worth it.” “Babies survive abortions. I’m one of them.” “Secular Pro-Life.” “Queer, Latina, Feminist, Rape Survivor Against Abortion.” This is just a snippet of the signs I saw at the pro-life rally held at the Supreme Court on December 1 while oral arguments were being heard in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

The pro-life movement is growing.

Hundreds of people attended this rally. From pro-life doctors in white lab coats to students who had spent the night in tents in front of the Supreme Court, many travelled thousands of miles to make their voices heard in support of life.

Diverse speakers ranging from Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch, civil rights leader Dr. Alveda King, ADF General Counsel Kristen Waggoner, multiple U.S. Senators and Representatives, and other national leaders of the pro-life movement inspired the crowd with rousing speeches and moving testimony about the need to overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. There were even pro-life Democrats, atheists, and progressives, demonstrating that the pro-life movement spans across political and religious boundaries.

The pro-life movement is persuasive.

Inside the Supreme Court, Mississippi Solicitor General Scott Stewart defended Mississippi’s Gestational Age Act, which protects pre-born life beginning at 15 weeks. Speaking to the Justices, he opened with these words:

Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey haunt our country. They have no basis in the Constitution. They have no home in our history or traditions. They've damaged the democratic process. They've poisoned the law. They've choked off compromise. For 50 years, they've kept this Court at the center of a political battle that it can never resolve. And 50 years on, they stand alone. Nowhere else does this Court recognize a right to end a human life.”

Solicitor General Stewart rightly points out that despite the Roe and Casey decisions, the issue of abortion remains unresolved and highly contested in our country. Under our Constitution, such issues have typically been left to the states, and ultimately to the people, to make these important decisions. But Roe and Casey prevent that from happening.

More fundamentally, though, abortion has remained highly controversial and unresolved because it results in the unjust taking of a human life. It should be contested! Every life, born and unborn, is worth protecting, but abortion ends the lives of unborn children. Whether or not people will consciously admit it, that brute fact will continue to haunt the conscience of our country.

The pro-life movement is winning.

As medical technology continues to improve and reveal the unborn child in greater detail, as more young people join the pro-life cause, as the horrible effects of abortion become more widely known, and as pro-life arguments continue to advance in the public square, it remains only a matter of time before we can achieve ADF’s generational win to safeguard life.

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization will provide the best opportunity in a generation to overturn Roe and Casey. Let us hope and pray that the Supreme Court corrects this grievous injustice and allows states to protect unborn life.

Neal Hardin

Neal Hardin

Neal Hardin serves as Digital Writer for Alliance Defending Freedom

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