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Planned Parenthood’s Topsy-Turvy Year

October 17, 2017

By Catherine Glenn Foster

As many of us were watching the Times Square Ball drop and singing “Auld Lang Syne” with our friends and relations, Planned Parenthood was putting the final edits on their 2014-2015 annual report. As usual, it massages the statistics in an attempt to make you and me see them with hot pink-colored glasses. But even Planned Parenthood’s messaging masters can’t hide the truth in these numbers. This year, the only thing that changed for Planned Parenthood is everything.

Planned Parenthood likes to deemphasize their lucrative abortion business. But 94% of their pregnancy services last year were abortions, up nearly 5.5% since 2009. The percentage of total clients and of visits that are abortions is also up. Prenatal services, in contrast, are down 57% since 2009, to under 0.2% of Planned Parenthood’s services (and each expectant mother uses multiple services). Their adoption numbers are equally abysmal: just 0.02% of total services and 0.6% of pregnancy services. And while the statistics reveal 2,024 precious lives saved, Planned Parenthood continues to increase the market share of abortion for pregnant women who walk through their doors through directive counseling and aborts 160 babies for every woman they send to an adoption agency.


Planned Parenthood likes to claim that they exist for prevention (of cancer, pregnancy, and STDs). But they aren’t doing much preventing anymore. According to their annual reports, their cancer screening and prevention is down 63% since 2009 (pap tests down 70%, and breast exams down 56%), contraceptive distribution is down 24% since 2009, and STD tests and treatment are down 6% since 2014. Of total services, the percent of cancer screening is less than half the 2009 percentage, and Planned Parenthood has passed out nearly 1 million fewer contraceptives than in 2009.


 PP claims that it needs our taxpayer dollars for all that prevention. And, last year, they gobbled up more of our money than ever before, a whopping $553.7 million. That half a billion dollars made up 43% of Planned Parenthood’s total $1.3 billion revenue and represented the third-highest increase in percent change of government funding since at least 2001. The amount goes up nearly every year and has nearly tripled since 2001. Over the last ten years, Planned Parenthood has pocketed a tidy $4.5 billion of our hard-earned money and stockpiled nearly $1 billion in profits.


 They have to finagle it from the government because hardworking Americans are finally seeing behind the veil of the most inaccurately named business in America. We are the pro-life generation, and we are keeping our wallets closed. Donations dropped 10% in the last year, and donors dropped more than 11%. This is for the fiscal year ended 6/30/2015, even before the first Center for Medical Progress video dropped.                                                                                 

And so, in the last year, Planned Parenthood more than doubled its spending on “refresh[ing]” its tarnished “brand.” It didn’t work; their productplacement was out of touch, and their hashtag campaign’s a flop. But I guess they did need it. 2015 was a year rife with scandal for Planned Parenthood, including financial waste and abuse, failure to report child rape, illegally selling and disposing of the body parts of the children it aborts, and the same old filthy clinics. This may not be the kind of thing we want to export globally, after all.

Nor do states want to fund the decline and fall of the abortion giant. In the wake of the stream of authenticated videos of Planned Parenthood executives negotiating prices for babies’ body parts, state after state has suspended Planned Parenthood’s funding; other states are conducting investigations. Not to be outdone, the U.S. Congress is again investigating them and has just passed historic legislation to suspend Planned Parenthood’s federal funding and redirect those monies to support the thousands of better low-cost healthcare options for women and families. Obviously, this bill would save Americans billions of dollars.

Even Obamacare, which Planned Parenthood blueprinted, promotes, and profits from, has turned out to be a thorn in their side, robbing them of clients and rendering them obsolete. Planned Parenthood effectively wrote themselves out of the equation.

No wonder they’re on the way out. Planned Parenthood talks about increasing healthcare access, but this year they have fewer affiliates, and fewer businesses, than ever – down 30% from their high of 938. That could be why they saw 17% fewer clients over the last two years, and performed 16% fewer services since 2009. Or maybe women are just getting their health care from real clinics.

And so, with Planned Parenthood pivoting away from prevention and focusing more on abortion, turning themselves into a black hole for taxpayer dollars even as their donor numbers drop, on the wrong side of the law and of sensible lawmakers, this truly could be Planned Parenthood’s last year.

When it comes to Planned Parenthood, should auld (last year’s) statistics be forgot? Certainly not.

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