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Planned Parenthood Is the Villain… But We Are Responsible

October 17, 2017
By: James Gottry

The 7th Planned Parenthood undercover video was released on Wednesday. The latest digital memorialization of death describes an aborted boy's beating heart, as well as a discussion of cutting through the child's face with scissors to extract his intact brain. 

Other videos have featured:

  • Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Senior Director of Medical Services, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, discussing the price of aborted babies’ body parts while sipping her wine, including talk of using apparent partial-birth abortions to more effectively harvest organs of almost-born children.  

  • Dr. Mary Gatter, Council President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Medical Directors, discussing the sale of baby organs, explaining the use of "less crunchy" abortion procedures and haggling over the cost of organs, joking that she "want[s] a Lamborghini." 

  • Dr. Savita Ginde, Vice President and Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, explaining how a "per-item" charge for baby organs "works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it." 

  • Dr. Savita Ginde, admitting that children are sometimes delivered intact "before we get to see them for a procedure," and a Planned Parenthood medical assistant announcing "another boy!" as workers identify body parts from a young boy's remains. 

  • Melissa Farrell, Director of Research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast,promoting the organization's ability to "obtain intact fetal cadavers" and discussing the process involved in selling higher quality organs for a higher price

  • Holly O'Donnell, Former StemExpress employee, admitting that StemExpress technicians working in Planned Parenthood clinics sometimes harvest organs from unborn children without obtaining their mothers' consent.

Unquestionably, Planned Parenthood is the villain in the graphic and horrific events that have unfolded in the past weeks. It is easy to point the finger at Planned Parenthood, and indeed, the organization is culpable for its horrific acts of violence against mothers and children.  Its employees have lied to women and pressured many into abortions, proclaimed death to be a triumph of liberty, and treated unborn children—and their organs—as nothing more than a budget line item.

But Planned Parenthood ultimately is not responsible for the executions of 57 million children, though the abortion mill far too often has been the promoter and instrument of death.  The heart-wrenching reality is that we are responsible. Planned Parenthood is the natural result of the values our society has embraced: convenience over commitment, self-gratification over sacrifice, and in the ultimate betrayal, death over life.  And while you and I have railed about the “culture of death,” lauded the efforts of pro-life groups, and perhaps even prayed for an end to abortion…in most cases, we’ve failed to fully engage the culture on this issue of life-and-death. We’ve failed to get personally and sacrificially involved.

Planned Parenthood has prospered because you and I have stood on the sidelines, expecting others to provide a loving hand of assistance to women facing seemingly desperate situations. Planned Parenthood has successfully commodified baby organs, but only because we have averted our eyes from the bodies. You and I may not have personally crafted the lie of abortion, and we may not willfully support it through our tax dollars, but by standing by we have become complicit. Planned Parenthood is the villain, but we are the problem.

This year we have foregone coffee to support clean water efforts or have purchased TOMS to ensure that needy children have footwear; we’ve donned pink to raise money for breast cancer research or participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; we’ve expressed outrage over the death of a lion or the encroachment on the spotted owl’s habitat.  But when it comes to defenseless unborn children, in most instances, we have done nothing, and what we have done has been only enough to soothe our own troubled conscience and not nearly enough to stop the executions

I’ve heard it said that toleration of abortion is only possible when we deny that an unborn child is fully human; that no reasonable citizen would brush aside the practice of executing toddlers and harvesting their organs for sale.  And while I know the act of abortion is morally equivalent to the execution of a two-year-old (or 20-year-old, for that matter), I can’t help but wonder if my lack of action belies that knowledge.  Why doesn’t the murder of 57 million children in the womb prompt us to action?  Why do we think it is enough to share the latest video on Facebook, shake our heads sadly, and perhaps offer a quick prayer, before we return to more pressing matters?

I assure you, these children are human.  Planned Parenthood and StemExpress testify to this truth every time they remove another heart, liver, or lungs from a lifeless body.  And I also submit to you that there is no matter so pressing.  It is time to take action; here’s what we can—and must—do:

  • Protest Planned Parenthood on Saturday, August 22

    Tomorrow, the pro-life community will join together outside of nearly 250 Planned Parenthood clinics across America to demand defunding of Planned Parenthood—and urge the funding of real health care for women—through the #PPSellsBabyParts National Day of Protest. This is your chance to help bring the message of hope and life to the broader community in which you live and work. Click here to find a rally near you.

  • Sign the Petition to Defund Planned Parenthood

    Americans do not want their taxpayer dollars funding the abortion giant – and it's time to stop waiting on D.C. to take action. Sign the petition to defund Planned Parenthood and redirect taxpayer dollars to local health clinics that truly care about women's health.

  • Contact Congress and Businesses that Support Planned Parenthood

    This is a chance to make your voice heard. Contact Congress or businesses that support Planned Parenthood and encourage them to stop. 

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