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Pastor Stands Up for Biblical Marriage

October 17, 2017

Ken Hutcherson, pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Redmond, Washington, reportedly took a stand against the Washington governor's recent efforts to legalize same-sex "marriage," stating:  "As long as the Bible says it's wrong, I'm going to fight against it like it's the last thing I can do. It's no different than any other sin. If someone walked around and said 'We want to be a minority because we are divorcees,' I would fight that just as much." He believes that if the proponents of the new law succeed, it will profoundly restrict religious freedom, and he's right.

Proponents of same-sex "marriage" have the ultimate goal of sexual choices being treated the same as race. In other words, they think criticizing someone for engaging in homosexual behavior should be viewed the same as criticizing someone for being Black. The religious freedom implications for this change in the law would be striking. For instance, Title VII protects religious organizations by allowing them to discriminate based on religion when it comes to hiring staff. This exemption makes sense because no one would argue a Catholic school should hire an Atheist to teach religion. But that religious exemption doesn't apply to discrimination based on race. If the proponents of same-sex marriage are successful in elevating sexual orientation discrimination to the same level as race discrimination, religious organizations that teach biblical truth about sexuality may be forced to hire individuals who engage in homosexual behavior  for some leadership positions like teachers. (You can read more about how the homosexual legal agenda could affect religious freedom here and here.)

Pastor Hutcherson is to be commended for being willing to take a stand that may be politically incorrect, and the foresight to understand the homosexual agenda's negative implications for religious freedom. We need more religious leaders like him.