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News You Should Know: Victories of Magnifying Proportions

By Michael Farris, Jr. posted on:
September 12, 2019

This week, we hop over to Fox News, where Telescope Media Group owners Carl and Angel Larsen discuss their recent win in federal court and what that means for Americans everywhere. Plus, we look at the global effect of religious freedom, how a youth revolt is showing signs that gender ideology is failing, and how pro-life advocates are responding to despicable sentiments shared by a presidential candidate. All of this from the Alliance Alert team!

ADF in the News

Fox News: Federal appeals court rules that religious businesses refusing service to same-sex weddings is a free speech right

Carl and Angel Larsen are owners of Telescope Media Group, where they tell stories that magnify God the way a telescope magnifies the stars. They hoped to use their story-telling talents to film wedding videos for their clients. Unfortunately, they discovered their state of Minnesota would force them to create videos celebrating same-sex wedding ceremonies in violation of their faith. The Larsens serve everyone; they simply can’t communicate every message. Along with ADF Senior Counsel Jeremy Tedesco, the Larsens joined Fox News to discuss a recent favorable federal court decision holding that they had stated a valid First Amendment claim that they should have the freedom—as do all Americans—to choose which messages they will promote.

Religious Freedom

The Washington Times: Religious freedom: Not just nice to have, but vital for national security

People who assume national security and international religious liberty are mutually exclusive need to think again, writes Ethan Epstein at The Washington Times. For some time, the United States has treated nations like Egypt and Saudi Arabia as strategic partners while overlooking religious suppression, but Epstein writes that the U.S. Department of State might be signaling a change regarding that approach. Epstein looks at Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's continued work in advancing religious freedom everywhere, as well as remarks delivered by State Department official Douglas Padgett, who said that suppressed religious minorities sometimes "lash out" in a way that causes security concerns for the United States. Epstein argues the link between national security and religious freedom needs to be clearer.

Marriage and the Family

National Review: From Sussex, England, to New England, Gender Activists Are Losing

If transgender activists are seeking to enlist the younger generation to their cause, Madeleine Kearns of National Review argues that evidence suggests they are failing. From female students protesting a "gender-neutral" school uniform in England, to ADF client Selina Soule—a female high school track athlete deprived of opportunities to compete because of biological males—to American students staging walk-outs over boys being allowed to use the girls' restroom, Kearns sees the backlash against gender ideology as a call to return to common sense. While activists lob accusations of hate toward these students and feminists who stand up for their sex, Kearns says there is a growing movement among the culture with the message that the female sex still matters.

Sanctity of Life

The Federalist: On Abortion, Democrats Are Living In A Fantasy Land

When it comes to abortions being "safe, legal, and rare," John Daniel Davidson writes that many Democrats have abandoned that old mantra in favor of promoting abortion extremism. Davidson looks at the recent comments by presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders who promoted population control through abortion in order to combat climate change. Others—including many of Sen. Sanders’ primary opponents—have promoted the idea that life only begins after birth and have gone to extreme lengths to dehumanize aborted children. Add in a trial where Planned Parenthood’s involvement in selling aborted body parts for profit is the big issue—yet it is the whistleblowers, not PP on trial—and the “safe, legal, and rare” mantra sounds more out of place than ever. As Davidson writes, Americans are seeing abortion for what it really is, and the extreme shift in the Democrat Party isn’t likely to work in its favor.

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Michael Farris, Jr.

Michael Farris, Jr.

Legal Content Manager

Michael Farris, Jr., serves as Legal Content Manager for Alliance Defending Freedom and is a Virginia-born Idaho convert.


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