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News You Should Know: The Tyranny of Tolerance

By Michael Farris, Jr. posted on:
May 16, 2019

This week, two college students at Georgia Gwinnett College were in federal court after challenging the suppression of their free speech by their college. Does the college’s belated speech code revision excuse it from penalties? Also, Star Parker exposes the so-called “Equality Act,” Twitter bans a sexual orientation and gender identity expert over his thoughts on transgenderism before reversing course, and abortion advocates spread misinformation about the newly signed heartbeat law in Georgia. All of this from the Alliance Alert team.


ADF in the News


CBN News: Christian Student Gets His Day in Court, Blocked from Sharing Gospel

Alliance Defending Freedom argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit on Tuesday on behalf of two college students—one who was actively censored by Georgia Gwinnett College, and one who self-censored after learning about the restrictive so-called speech policies. After the lawsuit filed on behalf of the students forced the school to change its restrictive speech policies, a federal court ruled the lawsuit moot. However, ADF Senior Counsel Travis Barham maintains that the court let the public college get away with violating the students' rights. ADF is asking the 11th Circuit to hold the school responsible and vindicate the students.


Religious Freedom


The Daily Signal: Equality Act Is About Civil Tyranny, Not Civil Rights

As the so-called “Equality Act” makes its way to the House for a vote, Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) founder Star Parker says it's time for a reality check. Parker tears into the Equality Act, saying it is "oppression dressed up in language of freedom and justice," arguing that it is more about civil tyranny than civil rights. Parker also shows that the Equality Act explicitly seeks to do away with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and will force religious business owners into violating their beliefs.


Marriage and the Family


The Daily Wire: Sexual Orientation Expert: Here's My Thread On Transgenderism Twitter Temporarily Locked My Account Over

An expert on sexual orientation and gender identity disorders was temporarily locked out of his Twitter account for expressing his views on transgenderism. Dr. Ray Blanchard responded to a question about transgenderism by correctly stating that the American Psychiatric Association recognized it as a type of mental disorder. Shortly thereafter, he was notified by Twitter that he was locked out of his account for "hateful" conduct. After public outrage, the social media giant reinstated Blanchard's account and apologized.


Sanctity of Life


The Federalist: Gaslighting On Abortion Intensifies As Georgia Passes Fetal Heartbeat Bill

Georgia has passed a new law that protects life in the womb after a heartbeat is detected. This, in turn, has brought out the science-deniers of the pro-abortion side who say the baby in the womb is not human life, but rather, just a part of the woman's body. As Georgi Boorman of The Federalist explains, this is an obvious manipulation of facts meant to brainwash the public. In her scathing piece, Boorman calls out these peddlers of misinformation—including major news networks that play along.


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Michael Farris, Jr.

Michael Farris, Jr.

Legal Content Manager

Michael Farris, Jr., serves as Legal Content Manager for Alliance Defending Freedom and is a Virginia-born Idaho convert.

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